All your vehicle servicing needs

Having a regular car service is an ideal way to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Servicing should be performed irrespective of the age of your car or of the mileage you cover. A service with Smiths Garages can help to maintain your car’s efficiency and fuel economy, as well as finding any potential issues before they develop, meaning your car is less likely to break down and that you are less likely to have to pay for more expensive repairs.

In addition to staying on top of general wear and tear, a service with Smiths Garages will also help to maintain the safety of your car. Issues such as brake faults or poor tyre condition can be identified before they present serious problems.

On top of all that, a regular service can help to ensure the highest possible resale value of your car.

We are the number one stop for car and commercial repairs. We have been repairing cars for loyal customers for a considerable time and have gained a competitive edge in parts supply, quality, technical fitting knowledge and speed of repairs.

We can offer a local vehicle pickup and delivery.

For all your servicing needs Smiths Garages Ormskirk